about us

Roost Games was first formed as an informal cooperation between Rutger Harder and Rick Sorgdrager as they began work on Cat Cafe Manager at the start of 2020. As the CCM team grew to include Carmen van Sleeuwen, Joni van der Leeuw and Sonya Vos, so too did the desire to create a bonafide cooperative, designed to allow game devs to work together using a fair revshare model, with systems in place to empower and protect them.

Roost Games is:

I love to geek out about microphones, compressors, and VCA’s – but for me the most important aspect of the recording studio is making people feel comfortable and getting the best out of themselves and their games projects. I made the soundtrack and all SFX for Cat Cafe Manager.

I’m a catalyst for creatives; adding fuel to the flame of creative fire. My goal is to see good and relevant ideas reach their fruition as big and as soon as possible. I connect the dots within and around the cooperative to get things going.

I’m a 2D artist and animator for games and film, specialized in characters, concept art and art direction. I did art direction on Cat Cafe Manager and created all in-world 2d visuals and animations.

I’ve loved games and telling stories for as long as I can remember. So now I try to feed 2 birds with 1 scone and tell stories in games! I enjoy trying to design systems and worlds so they cohere into a complete whole.
I did game design, narrative and interface design for Cat Cafe Manager.

I am a project manager and designer/programmer. I have worked on projects with a strong focus on simulation, strategy and narrative. Co-founding the Roost Games Cooperative has been a major personal milestone. In my design work I focus on telling stories through systems, while teaching and examining the systems that make up our world.
I did programming, game design and systems design on Cat Cafe Manager.